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        Waratah Group, a member of Cheung and Sons Holdings Limited, is a large multinational enterprise with environmental-friendly construction materials as its core business. It expanded to other business areas include real estate, education, agriculture, financial services and mining. Waratah Group has 15 offices in countries and regions like the United Kingdom, Australia, mainland China and Hong Kong. The headquarter is based in Australia and China region head office is located in Shenzhen Futian CBD.

        The group was founded in 1998. Since then, Waratah Group expanded from R&D, manufacturing and operation of high-tech environmental-friendly construction materials industry to five major industries, namely real estate investment and development, education, eco-agricultural, financial services and high-quality mining. Over twenty years of development, the Group has not only established a superb brand image in the construction materials industry, but also has taken up a relatively high market share. Besides, the group has long term vision in real estate investment and other five major industries, its businesses spread across major cities in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

        Through continuous efforts, the Group has gained recognition and remarkable achievements in its business in China. The Group has always been fully supported by the Australian Federal Government. Waratah Group’s various successful investment cases in China have been regarded as role model in Australia.

    Brand Connotation:

         Waratah is the state emblem of New South Wales in Australia. It is a bright red flower which could only be founded in forests in Australia. The flower has become symbols of liveliness and passion. The company logo is a kangaroo painted in orange, yellow and blue. It brings out the features of kangaroo which are brave and energetic. The logo also implies that the Waratah team is brave and ambitious. Both our name and logo have depicted the Australian culture of Waratah Group.