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    Managing Director: Mr Kenny Zhang
    In 1998, I decided to return to China like the other oversea students. With coincidences, I’ve met one of the well-known real estate entrepreneur. He talked about environmental friendly paint during our meeting and that’s how I got the idea to start my business. Waratah Paint, first as the Australia paint distributor has expanded to a famous brand with independent development and self owned factory, as well as localization of production.

    The business starts with manufacturing and sales of environmental friendly paint. And now has expanded mainly into four fields, including real estate development, financial investment, international trade and mining industry. Real estate development as a very challenging business needs the financial support to operate. Also, having a very close relationship with the Australian Federal Government has helped Waratah Group to participate into the Australian resources industry. It had successful acquisition of the Australian listed company and became the largest shareholder.

    With the domestic food safety problem is becoming more and more serious, most of the Chinese are paying more attention to safety and healthy food. Australia as the famous agricultural country has the finest sideline food in the world. Waratah Group and Shenzhen Press Group’s E commerce platform has joint hand to provide the natural and healthy Australian and New Zealand made products.

    In the future, Waratah Group will transform from the traditional manufacturing industry into focusing on resources of land and mineral development. Waratah Paint as the starting business will maintain the annual growth. Financial investment as the support of other business will keep pulling. As the large scale multinational enterprise we will have more investments in Australia and will also aim to make further contributions to the economic developments of both China and Australia, and we vow to further strengthen the relationship between these two great countries.