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  • Warmly congratulates the Waratah group to invest in Shenzhen talent fund and set


       In May 2018, Waratah group and the national well-known early venture capital Shenzhen hi-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen hi tech investment") reached major cooperation matters,Waratah group’s Zhaohuan Asset Management Co., Ltd. of Qianhai, Shenzhen, successfully shares the stock investment fund management Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen hi-tech investment talent in Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as "hi-tech investment talent fund"), and has become an important strategic shareholder.

       At present, as a manager, the high and new investment talent fund has set up the first sub Fund - the two equity investment fund partnership enterprise (limited partnership) of Shenzhen talent innovation and Entrepreneurship (limited partnership), and has a management scale of 1 billion.It is mainly invested in national, provincial and municipal key support of the strategic emerging industry, the future industry, modern service industry,Waratah group is the largest LP share holder.

       Shenzhen high tech investment was established in December 1994. It was a professional financial service institution established by Shenzhen municipal Party committee and municipal government in the early 1990s to solve the financing problem of small and medium technology enterprises. The controlling shareholder is the national capital committee of Shenzhen. It has now developed into a national innovative financial suit with the highest credit AAA rating of the capital market. Business group. For the vice president of the China financing guarantee association, the title of "the first prize of the twentieth national enterprise management modernized innovation achievements", "the best brand creation institution" and "the annual venture investment social contribution award" are one of the most famous and brand influence financial service institutions in the whole country.

       Shenzhen talent fund is established in accordance with the "several measures on promoting talent priority development" issued by the municipal government of Shenzhen municipal municipal government in 2016. It aims to guide the guidance fund of the municipal government investment guidance fund and attract the participation of social capital and social forces to form complementary and linkage advantages, and vigorously support talent innovation and entrepreneurship. The total size of the talent fund is 8 billion yuan, which is divided into funds 1, two and three. Among them, two fund was launched by high tech investment, with a scale of 1 billion yuan.